Why has My Tackie Tees, LLC®️ chosen Autism to support... Autism is PERSONAL to US. We have an Autistic Son. Our son developed Autism around age 5; yes DEVELOPED.  Our son wasn't born Autistic. For years we went from doctor to doctor, test to test asking for help!
The LOVE drives us.  Our son is a Smart Wonderful Young Man and with support and education he is able to function in HIS life and we want those who have Family, Friends and/or Neighbors who have Autism to have the same opportunities or more that our son has.  So $5.00 of EVERY Autism Shirt, Hoodie & Hat plus a portion of My Tackie Tees, LLC®️ monthly sales will be Donated to Autism Alliance of Michigan.  
In the near future we want to also partner with schools to job share with those who are Autistic and help them with the transition from School to Job! That is what our Son enjoys most. When we open the store which we hope will be coming soon drop by and say HELLO to him!
To make a donation please follow the link to Autism Alliance of Michigan
If you love someone with Autism tell us about it in our blog post.