As we battle a disease that threatens our very existence we at My Tackie Tees Pray to God for all of our safety.  Lives are being taken by a silent killer and we are faced with the emotion distress of not even being able to properly say our good byes to our loved one.  God Please Bless US All in Jesus Name, AMEN

Please shelter in. Please call and check on your loved ones.

March 26, 2020 — Lynn Grace

Online vs. Brick & Mortar

The time has come for us to expand. My Tackie Tees, LLC®️ is currently in talks with a Michigan based real estate company to possibly take our t-shirt shop from online to brick and mortar in the Downtown Detroit area (this store news means an addition, we will keep our online presence)

We are excited to be considered for a growth opportunity in the Detroit Midtown area.

Online has been great to us, but let us know if you will join us in a store location.  Do you prefer to shop online retail since we offer free shipping? or would you prefer brick and mortar?

Detroit and Fashion

Detroit is the Fashion Capital of the World! Think about it.......

*New Arrivals 2019*

*New Arrivals 2019*

Everybody's Embroidered Established 2017 Polo Shirt

Everybody's Embroidered Logo Polo Shirt

Everybody's Embroidered Detroit Steady Boomin' Polo Shirt

each shirt is made to order, sizes s-2xl. Free shipping in the U.S. & Canada

Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness is a great cause. Proud supporter of the Autism Alliance of Michigan.

My Tackie Tees, LLC®️ is now in stores

My Tackie Tees, LLC®️ is now in stores. We are at The D Spot & Strictly Sportswear.