Detroit? What do you think of when you think of Detroit?  Is it the automotive industry? Is it Better Made chips? Is it Faygo? Yes we are all of those things and more, but we are also the Fashion Capital of the World!

Think about it.... If you were growing up in the 80's there was no social media but there was MTV.  Each culture of people was different in their own special way from the north to the south.  If you traveled from Detroit to anywhere in the world you might have had strangers walking up to you and saying "Hey are you from Detroit?" now I know some of you reading this blog post have experienced that.  It was your swag, your style, we did things our way. Or you went to a family function out of the state an a relative from that area asked about the kind of shirt, pants, shoes or even hair style you were rocking' at that time, and oh Yes we are also the Hair Capital!

They approached us.  Not the other way around.  Detroit is known for Cartier, now in the world of social media they are now known in other regions of the US, Canada and Britain.   Who rocked Cartier first? Detroit.  Its old to us/our tradition now and new to everyone else!

Detroit lets take fashion back! Rep your city and make them follow our trends.  Shop a Detroit Clothing Brand today! We also have dome products in stores...

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